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Camping at Camp Roller Coaster is a very relaxing and energizing experience. No hustle bustle of the city and no cacophony of life. Just spend your day amidst beauty of nature in this religious town Rishikesh participating in adventure sports activities and spend your evenings on the bank of the river enjoying bone fire and beach games. Enjoy the views of splendid sunsets and amazingly beautiful sunrises while soothing wind coming from river Ganges touches your soul. Healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner, lots of fun activities, amazing views and adventurous company, what more you can ask for to spend a good holiday in an adventure tour!

But one mistake can ruin the whole trip and can turn it into a total disaster. And for the very same reason we, at Camp Roller Coaster, take extra measures to ensure camp safety. We follow strict codes and rules for the safety of the camp members and expect all the members to help and support us to stay safe while they are enjoying their trip with us.

Camp safety by Camp Roller Coaster

  • We maintain eco friendly facilities at our camp so that we do not disturb the natural beauty and the environment.
  • Every member of the Camp Roller Coaster including the tourists is required to follow Eco Codes laid down by "Himalayan Environmental Trust" strictly.
  • According to activities that our different packages include and situations we meet every day at camp, our staff carries a personalized first aid kit on camp and during sports activities.
  • We do quality check of equipments on regular basis for the safety of the users.
  • We have a highly experience and skilled staff to train and support the tour members.
  • We follow food hygiene and safety codes strictly.
  • Our camp is fully equipped with safety equipments like fire extinguishers, torches, warning signals etc.
  • Our staff is experience in dealing with emergencies.

We expect from you to follow these guidelines while you are here with us at Camp Roller Coaster

  • Never wander about the wild or hike alone.
  • Never approach wild animal even if they appear harmless.
  • Never toy with inflammable objects or lit fire inside camp
  • Supervise your children and be especially careful during water activities.
  • Carry your own sunscreen lotions and sunglasses during camping as you are going to get plenty of sun exposure.
  • Never take bugs lightly and immediately talk to medical person in the camp if you are bitten by some insect or bug.
  • Dispose trash properly and use recycling bin only.
  • Never leave food in open.
  • Always follow the instructions of guide and trainer even if you believe you know better.

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